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The Importance of Color to your Curb Appeal

Cox, says, “Have you ever driven by the same building every day and then for some reason you notice it, as if for the first time, simply because they have changed the color of their exterior paint?”

The Importance of Color to your Curb Appeal

Subconsciously, we are drawn to one color over another because we are influenced by psychological implications. Color is the first thing you notice when you drive by a community that will become your home. Your home is your sanctuary and, therefore, it is important to clearly define the way you want to feel when your residents arrive home. Cox suggests keeping these color choices in mind when re-painting your exterior. Home is about emotion, and every color affects us emotionally.

Red is the strongest color in the spectrum and has the greatest emotional impact. Red tones can have a tendency to make surfaces advance towards you, making a room appear smaller but is also considered energetic and can stimulate people to make quick decisions.

Green symbolizes nature and has a tendency to calm. It is an excellent choice to integrate green into your exterior paint scheme as it is perceived as relaxing and passive. Green, like blue, is seen as a low-intensity, receding color that will also give a greater impression of space.

Yellow – though cheerful and optimistic, yellow, when used alone, and unrelieved by other colors, can make you feel irritable and hostile. Therefore, it is preferable to use yellow as an accent color. If yellow is the predominant color, relieve it by introducing other colors that calm it down or cool it off like blue or green.

Parker Paint has grown into the leading manufacturer of paints and coatings in the Pacific NW. They have been in business since 1945, and their understanding of the property management market is extraordinary. Their products and colors provide specific formulations designed to meet the climatic conditions of the northwest, but their contemporary color palette appeals to a broad spectrum of potential prospects.

With a color imaging app, they can strategically choose from a wide array of Parker Paint colors to attract your resident profile – demographics that you desire for your community.  They also offer custom specifications written by a technical expert tailored to your repaint requirements. With the help of a professional design firm for the selection of the colors to attract more residents to your community combined with Parker Paints digital color imaging services allowing you to evaluate how new colors look on your property before any paint is applied.

Spring is a time for renewal, and you can revive the 1st impression of your driveby prospects with something as simple and inexpensive as a new coat of paint.

Published in For Rent Magazine.