It’s Your Space

What I've learned over almost 30 years as a designer is that the key to being a good designer is being a creative listener.

It's Your Space

My premise was built on the theory that my clients always say, “No one is listening to me,” and in my testimonials, they write, “Mary gave me a voice.” The more I thought about the process of design, I realized it really is about “creative listening.”

I hope that this blog will help empower you and teach you how to pursue your vision for your home. But first off, you have to learn to listen to yourself. Because it’s never about the designer, it’s about you and what makes you feel good about your home, about being in your home.

Because your home: It’s Your Space.

Remember that creative listening is not just about hearing words but also about understanding emotions, values, and personal experiences. By practicing these techniques, you can become more in tune with your vision. Creating a strong connection to space involves a thoughtful and holistic approach considering various elements, including color, placement, scale, lighting, and textures.

In our next blog, we will show you how each of these elements can contribute to establishing a meaningful connection and show how creative listening can inspire a project.