Equestrian Interior Design

Mary Cox, Straight From The Horse's Mouth

Hello, my name is Mary, and I am a tack hoarder.

OK, you know who you are. Your garage is so full of horse tack that there’s no room to park your car. Come clean and discover creative ways to transform that tack into cool additions for any decor.

Don’t miss our video segments below. They feature creative uses for all the tack you’ve accumulated and how to turn them into cool home decor items. Basically, this is strictly for all you tack hoarders!

Videos from Straight From The Horse’s Mouth


Introduction to Straight From The Horse’s Mouth.

Episode 1

How to use old stirrup irons and leathers to make a towel holder.

Episode 2

A creative and useful idea of how to turn snaffle bits into decorative holders for your scarves.

Episode 3

How to turn those old stirrup irons into stirrup iron bookends, mail organizers, and soap dishes.

Episode 4

How to take an extra snaffle bit & a braided rein and turn them into a decorative drapery tieback.

Episode 5

How to turn those extra spurs, stirrup irons, and bits into holiday decor.

Episode 6

Creative ideas for holiday equestrian gift wrap.

Episode 7

Add a little holiday glam to your barn.