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Avalon Bear Creek

For this project, we were challenged to make the space feel warm and inviting, possibly eliminate some columns, and needed a solution to separate spaces so they could be multifunctional. They did not like the paneling and wanted a connection between the outside and inside to draw the resident’s eye to the pool area. They wanted a flatscreen TV in the kitchen area with additional seating. We chose paint colors that would bring your eye out of the room. We removed some of the columns, and on the structural columns that we kept, we encased them in the same ledgestone we used on the fireplace. The fireplace was refaced in ledgestone, and we took off the low, small hearth for a cleaner look. We created a soft flow and focal point out of the tiles in the back wall of the kitchen by using mosaic shell tiles set in an undulating pattern on the wall. We removed the wood paneling and heavy drapery, put in an island bar where the formal kitchen wall was, and created access to both rooms by creating custom barn doors on tracks. We designed custom seating in commercial-grade fabrics that were warm and inviting in the dining/kitchen area and decorative pendants placed over the dining area. We mounted the TV on a wall of sandstone blocks and chose a wood grain look ceramic flooring for the high traffic use of both spaces and created a circular break in the floor to separate the kitchen from the TV area by using the same tile in a lighter grain. All items were ADA-compliant. TV wall was constructed out of sandstone blocks (18″x18″) and treated with 6 coats of sealer. The use of the tiles gave a soft movement and height to the wall without distracting from the flatscreen TV.

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